Natural Gas

In order to grow and compete in today’s competitive energy industry, it is crucial that companies maintain a strong focus on leveraging technologies both internally or externally sourced.
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have what it takes to handle simple and complex transactions as well as asset-management agreements.

Here is what we offer:

  • Wholesale Natural Gas Supply, Trading and Marketing
  • Short term contracts
    • Same day
    • Next Day
    • Weekly
    • Biweekly
  • Short term contracts
    • One month
    • Two month
    • Summer strip
    • Winter strip
    • Year long
  • Flexibility with fixed, index and/or basload transactions
  • Price hedging, risk management and contract regulation
  • Competitive prices

The Maxol Advantage

At Maxol we specialize in the logistics of natural gas marketing and trading. We want to ensure you have the most efficient resources for your business needs and we do that by guaranteeing our services are reliable. We have the knowledge, experience and connections to be able to store and deliver our product on time and as agreed.

Our team of natural gas marketing experts use market-based pricing to maximize the utilization of our storage assets. In general, we offer differentials for delivery location on each contract that can be incorporated into an agreement with your company’s specific needs in mind!

You need a reliable source of natural gas, we have the resources to get it to you.

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