The North American natural gas liquids (NGL) market is one of the most dynamic and liquid markets in the world.

NGLs are composed of propane, butane, pentane, hexane, and heptanes, and are extracted from natural gas during the process of refining. NGLs are used in a variety of industries, including petrochemicals, plastics, transportation, and heating.

The North American natural gas liquids (NGL) market has undergone major changes in recent years. The rise of shale gas production has led to a sharp increase in NGL production, and the resulting glut of propane and other NGLs has driven down prices.

The Maxol Advantage

The North American NGL market is highly liquid, with trading activity taking place 24 hours a day. NGL prices are highly volatile, and can be influenced by a variety of factors, including weather patterns, production levels, and global demand.

As a result, Maxol is constantly monitoring the market in order to take advantage of price fluctuations.

In response, Maxol has developed new strategies for hedging and managing risk in the NGL market. For example, we are now investing in NGL futures contracts. These contracts allow us to hedge our exposure to price fluctuations and provide you with greater flexibility and reliability. In addition, we are also using options and swaps to take advantage of price differentials between different NGLs – savings that we can pass on to our stakeholders.

As the North American NGL market continues to evolve, Maxol will continue to adapt our strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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